2017 Toyota 4Runner redesign, changes, price

As one of leading car manufacturers in global marketplace, Toyota is working really hard to prepare a future car for 2017. Here you have a new concept of the 2017 Toyota 4Runner. It will be an overhaul. The new 4Runner can be a real competitor in the SUV segment. Most people have gathered information related to this new generation of 4Runner. The alterations are made either in the terms of physical or power aspect. After all, this midsize SUV still uses its basic quality such as off-roading competences. There’s still a mystery regarding the changes and improvements of the new Toyota 4Runner 2017. In accordance to the rumors, there are some refreshments made for this SUV. At the first impression, this car has static and timeless design.

2017 Toyota 4Runner redesign, V8 specs, changes, price

2017 Toyota 4Runner redesign

A good car has a good exterior design. It’s a common sense to buy a car based on its appearance, isn’t it? You can find some changes in both front and back bumpers. There’s also small alteration at the side-skirts of the 2017 Toyota 4Runner. Plus, you may find redesigned tail-lights with a better style. There’s a high probability of weight reduction. With a lightweight design, this car will be more efficient than the previous model. You can get the benefits including a better handling and fuel-economy. Many people have predicted some crucial changes in the overall design of this new 2017 4Runner. Yet, some of them still love the old version. Perhaps they don’t like the changes made to this new model.

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2017 Toyota 4Runner redesign, V8 specs, changes, price

New Toyota 4Runner 2017 interior

The new Toyota 4Runner 2017 is an ideal SUV for your family. Aside from its good exterior quality, there are some significant improvements inside the cabin. The car has some improvements as it includes high-quality leather seats with soft-touch components. You should anticipate some improvements in the terms of technology. You can use the panel as the source of all infotainment systems inside this car. There’s also an amazing audio system that gives you superb entertainment. These major changes will satisfy customers or anyone who drive the car. Overall, this midsize SUV is more modern as compared to the preceding model.

New Toyota 4Runner 2017 redesign, V8 specs, changes, price

2017 Toyota 4Runner V8 specs

You won’t get disappointed with its engine. The basic 2017 4Runner will be available with a V6 engine with 4.0-liter capacity. This will develop 269 horsepower and 249 pound-feet of torque. There’s another engine you can choose. It’s a V8 engine with 4.0-liter capacity. This will give more power that you can expect from a car. What’s about the transmission? The car uses 5-speed auto transmission with 4WD system. With this, the car runs faster and more stable. When properly equipped the 2017 Toyota 4Runner towing capacity should be up to of 5,000 lbs.

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2017 Toyota 4Runner redesign, V8 specs, changes, price

2017 Toyota 4Runner price and release date

After gathering information about the new Toyota 4Runner 2017 specifications, you should concern about the release date and price of this car. Actually, there isn’t recognized information regarding the actual date of the launching. Most people predict the launching date to be early of 2017. Are you concerning about the price? It can be really expensive as the car includes many improvements. At least, the 2017 Toyota 4Runner price will be $35,000 for the basic model. If you want a better model, you should prepare some cash around $40,000.


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